kill some of the PRIVILEGED



Author Ivan Bering has done an excellent job in creating a fast paced and fun read that will suck readers in from the beginning and keep them reading until the very end. I am happy to recommend this book, and will certainly keep author Ivan Bering's future work on my "must read" list!
-----Reviewed By Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite      5 STARS

Any reader who enjoys mystery, action, adventure, thrillers, or a slightly futuristic tale would love Kill Some of the Privileged. I recommend the book, and am very much looking forward to the next in this extremely promising series by author Ivan Bering.
-----Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite    5 STARS

Kill Some of the Privileged: This is an intense story that really forces the reader to think about hard issues. I think readers will enjoy the complexity of this story and also the questions that this story raises. Nice job.
-----Reviewed By Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite 

kill most of the miscreants



Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite: 5 STARS…… July 2017

Just at the beginning of this book, the reader is presented with a very curious conversation taking place between two seemingly important people and a judge, and one of them asks in a tone more alarmed than composed: “Shit what the hell happened? Dr. Max has been screwing everyone, particular the young ladies, for years…no drug or alcohol issues……no violence. We give celebrities all sorts of room, and with expensive lawyers, they rarely get convicted. So what the devil did he do this time?” Kill Most of the Miscreants by Ivan Bering is a great story, a thriller that features an entertaining investigative work with legal conflict as radical changes are introduced into the legal system.

Thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Max Armstrong, the public has access to memories of criminals, memories that can be retrieved and replayed for the public. Death Row needs to be cleared and this means that everyone who is innocent can be released and the guilty ones executed. But when the creator of the science that is used to determine who gets executed or not in this system is charged with statutory rape, a capital crime, only one man can stop him from manipulating the tool he has created and beating the interrogations. That man is the eccentric detective Charlie Taylor. Is he up to the challenge?

Ivan Bering has created a story that is filled with breathtaking drama, powerful and well-fleshed out characters, intense action, and a well-developed plot. Kill Most of the Miscreants combines humor with strong storytelling skills to deliver great entertainment for readers. It is fast-paced, masterfully delivered, and deftly done. The characters are sticky, so compelling that readers can’t part with them easily. 



Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite …..  5 stars  

Homegrown Killer by Ivan Bering is a fascinating story and quite a scary one at that – who’s to say this couldn’t happen in the future if it isn’t already happening?  

This book was written very well, nicely paced with a great story line. It starts after the event and then goes back to when it all started, grabbing me from the first page and keeping me hooked all the way through. 

 There is plenty of action and quite a few interesting twists and turns in it too. The suspense grows throughout the plot and leads to an ending you won't suspect in a million years.  The characters are fantastic, likable and relatable, and their stories come out slowly throughout. Great book, I really enjoyed it and would love to read more from Ivan Bering.



Dark, deft, and thrilling, Kill All of Them is a story you can’t put down. This is the kind of thriller I relish more than James Patterson’s work, honestly! From the first pages, the author takes the reader into the psychology of crime, into the madness of the killers, into the darkness, and even though it is terrifying, the reader just can’t stop reading. The writing is impeccable and Ivan Bering is a master of words and I so love how he weaves them. He also knows how not to waste words and how not to waste readers’ time. The conflict begins on the very first page and it escalates pretty fast. The characters are well-crafted and their psychological depth is masterfully explored. I loved it! A breezy read, fun, absorbing, and utterly satisfying! It should be the best crime thriller of the year. This is my winning book of the year……………..Christian Sia