First novel in the Charlie Taylor series. Homicide in a future setting.

The world of criminal justice and medicine have been radically disrupted by Dr. MAX Armstrong whose science allows for the retrieval of memory streams; events are relived and put on public display. If guilt or innocence is assured and doubt no longer exists, why not execute? New legislation demands death rows be cleared—execute or release.  The suspense explodes when it appears innocent men have been executed. Are there flaws in the science? Are the prison employees at fault? The Justice system must quickly solve an inconceivable mystery. Homicide detective, Charlie Taylor, frantically hunts two drastically different serial killers: the Five Star Couple and Horny Harry. For this detective murder and romance conflict: first, an unfortunate groping charge; then, an unsuccessful romantic encounter. One drunken night appears to have destroyed Charlie’s chances with an attractive medical technician.  Some of the detective’s colleagues now are, cautiously, referring to him as ‘Crazy Charlie’. No one understands why he was promoted. The suspense mounts when Dr. Armstrong gets charged with statutory rape, a capital crime; it appears he can beat the new science and associated interrogations. Charlie becomes the last resort for solving the mystery of Armstrong and his pending execution.  Readers' Favorite rated this a 5 STAR novel and a "must read" series.Homicide detectives in a future setting. 

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A maniac promises if the riddle embedded in four 30 second sound bites is solved, they will find him. He calls himself Robin Hood because he will be collecting body parts from the rich and distributing to the poor. Our protagonist, detective Charlie Taylor, begins with his first mistake: treating the message as a harmless hoax. This becomes a mystery which haunts the homicide team for weeks.           The year is 2021, and Dr. Max’s Nobel Prize winning innovations, truth serum and memory probe, are the primary interrogation tools for the revised justice system. The system promotes the death sentence as the most efficient way to control those who won’t play by the rules. Death row in every prison is now been cleared: execute or release. And, all prisons are to be decommissioned and the facilities converted to public spaces.          The mystery and suspense deepen: Robin Hood appears able to kidnap with ease; what is the source of his knowledge? During a prison transition there is a misuse of Dr. Max’s innovations; have innocent men been executed?   The search for answers is hampered by the romantic struggles of Charlie and two of his superiors. Three romantic streams have no place in the brutal scenario, but the emotional life of each man is difficult to control.  The solution to Robin Hood appears to lie in the most unlikely sector: a mentally retarded young man and a young woman diagnosed as a disorganized schizophrenic. What will a truth serum or mind scan reveal from these two sources? How can a skewed vision of reality help? Suspense peaks as the medical team delves into the unknown.          

   In the end, Charlie has to demonstrate why he achieved his nickname: Crazy Charlie.               Readers' Favorite declares this a "must read' series and the book a 5 STAR novel.






A captured murderer claims the State has turned him into a serial killer. His claim: prolonged probing of his brain permanently altered his personality.  For years the brain probe and a truth serum were the State’s interrogation tools; these scientific innovations won a Nobel Prize for Dr. Max Armstrong. Now the world-famous man is faced with a career-destroying controversy; his arrogant path to the top means there are many in the academic world ready to help the killer ruin Dr. Max Armstrong. Detective Charlie Taylor is mocked as he tries to unravel the mess. How can a homicide detective solve a science problem? He races to resolve the issue before a biased scientific team can publish their findings. Was Dr. Max sloppy and too fast, unwilling to conduct extensive testing before releasing his work? An outlandish clue arrives from a pedophile, already waiting on death row. How accurate can a 25-year-old clue be? Charlie tries to use the evidence, but there are too many twists and turns.  Was the country too fast in adopting the new science, blinded by the accolades of a Nobel Prize?

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